Tuesday Quick Takes #1

Welcome to my first “Quick Takes” post, so what is this new post category about? Well, every other Tuesday I’ll be writing about the books, games animation, podcasts, music and more that I’ve been into lately along with quick reflections. Basically, this is a way for me to write/cover my current thoughts about more topics than I normally could in an analysis or review post. Let’s go~!


52c53764067f56df594793b3b24ca14c1438222793_fullI recently finished watching a J-drama on Crunchyroll called Ghostwriter『ゴーストライター』, it was a very suspenseful show with amazing acting and fascinating characters. While watching I couldn’t stop writing in my notebook, I’m definitely going to post an in-depth review asap.


I have been obsessed with Girls’ Generation’s comeback and new album; Holiday Night, it’s fantastically catchy music, just like all of the albums they’ve released during their ten years as a group! I especially can’t get enough of the track “All Night, the music video and dance moves are just stuck in my mind, and I’m more than find with that. I love the late 70’s/80’s vibe. Sunny is my bias (and wow does she look amazing with blonde hair) Taeyeon is my 2nd bias. The interview version of the music video made me tear up, it’s awesome that Girls’ Generation (a.k.a SNSD/Soshi/GG/少女時代) continues to work so hard after ten years as a group; all the members have been through a lot and have even kept going through unfortunately losing a member of the group (it’s a long story I may write about in the future.) Here’s the music video of the second title track on Girls’ Generation’s newest album Holiday Night. Sunny has pink hair in this MV and my heart just can’t take it XD *lol*:

Hey fellow Japanese learners, 少女時代 also has a huge fan following in Japan and many of their best songs in my opinion are from their Japanese exclusive albums. I highly recommend checking out Girls’ Generation’s Japanese discography and concerts if you’re looking to add more Japanese music to your collection!


《3》I’m nearly done (on the second to last dungeon) with the PSP game Mimana: Iyar Chronicle. This game is a mixture of J-RPG and visual novel, so cutscenes and dialogue trees are quite long. The player character; named Crais, can change the story’s ending based on their dialogue choices etc. I played the “undub” of this game, which means the audio was the original Japanese dub. I found the voice acting to be good but nothing that stands out from the usual high quality that Japan’s voice acting industry has. I love the visual novel elements that draw the push the story forward, it really gets into the psychology of the characters. This video game deals with themes of loss and guilt in a very thoughtful way. Once I complete this game I’ll write a full spoilerific review.


《4》What I saw that there was a prequel book to Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden seres, I knew I wanted to listen to the audiobook. Therese Plummer does an amazing job narrating all of the audiobooks in this series, the range of different characters she can express with her voice is really amazing, so she’s one of my favorite audiobook narrators right now.

《5》I’ve been enjoying several podcasts lately, one of which is Hey Arnold Hey, it’s basically a re-watch and analysis podcast of the 90’s Nicktoon; Hey Arnold! The podcast hosts are really funny but also don’t hesitate to dig deeper into this cartoon that is one of Nickelodeon’s most fondly remembered because of it’s character depth and development.


《6》As far as Japanese Language podcasts go, あんx5バイリンガルpodcast has become one of my favorites. Hosted by a Japanese American woman named; Kanna Ann Anderson, this podcast is like sitting down with a friend and having a fun conversation. Since, as the title suggests this a bilingual podcast, often Anderson speaks in English, though I think this podcast is produced with Japanese native speakers that are learning English in mind. I find it’s still good listening practice and Anderson chats about a lot of interesting topics in a laid back, fun way. Also, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, Kanna Ann Anderson also co-hosts a Japanese Harry Potter podcast called; 「Muggles’ Giggles ハリーポッターと翻訳の魔法」


《7》I began watching the anime Kaleido Star with my husband, it’s his first time watching this series but I watched the first ten or so episodes years ago. It’s great that Crunchyroll is getting some older (but not only super old. Anime from the 2000’s isn’t considered “old school” now is it?!! */me has momentary age crisis*) The voice actors in Japanese nail it and there are several laugh out loud and dramatic moments where the Japanese voice acting and animation really shines.

That’s about does it for this first installment of Tuesday Quick Takes. If you decide to check out any of the media I mentioned here let me know what you thought of it. If any of you plan to write your own Quick takes posts send me a link in the comments, I’ve love to read them.


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