Tuesday Quick Takes #2

《1》The first week of Lent has been going quite well, there is so much to contemplate yet so often it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of what truly matters. This cold weather is like a reminder to me of how much I’ve changed. I used to long for my heart to be hardened out of fear of being hurt again by the world. though I couldn’t admit was afraid. I wanted to run away, I didn’t want to be found and as I sheltered myself in loathing, He was always there waiting on the other side of the door for me. I still remember that dream-like evening when through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary the Blessed Virgin Mary brought me to her son; Jesus Christ. Lent is a time of remembrance, of what He did for me and for all of us, even if we aren’t ready to face Him yet, He loves us all so dearly.

esperanza_spalding-chamber_music_society-frontal《2》Esperanza Spalding’s music always seems like a staple for evenings around this time of year. I find myself listening to similar music in different seasons, perhaps it’s because the chill weather fits well with the chill atmosphere of experimental jazz. I always love to experience music, and Esperanza’s lovely voice and instrumentals evoke so many emotions and stories, I can’t recommend more. So sit back, sip a warm beverage and experience.

《3》In preparation for the upcoming #MangaMonday Recommendations Video Game prompt, and just generally to let off some steam I’ve started replaying Bloody Roar 2 for PSX using OpenEmu. It’s probably partially due to nostalgia but this is my favorite fighting game! I love how tight the controls are and how every character has well fleshed out move-sets, no one is super over powered or super weak. Another really interesting aspect to the Bloody Roar series is that all of the characters can transform into beast forms.

《4》s-l1600At this point it’s likely not shocking to any of you that I love to write. I’m uncertain if I’ve mentioned before that I prefer writing first drafts of my blog posts by hand. I also keep two journals (one in English, one in Japanese), planner and take copious amounts of notes when I’m self-studying Japanese and German.

Pen and paper quality is very important to me so when I heard about Pilot’s Frixion pens, which have gel ink that erases only with the frixion made with the eraser on top of the pen, I knew I have to try it out! After searching through ebay I decided to purchase a Pilot FriXion Ball refillable Multipen 3 0.38mm. I’ve been using this pen for about four weeks now and I’m extremely happy with my purchase. This is not a sponsored post, or anything I just wanted to write about how great this pen is because I’m a stationary geek. What are your favorite writing/drawing pens and notebooks?

《5》I finished listening to The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories bylight_princess_other_fairy_tales_1301 George MacDonald. Like many of MacDonald’s works this is in my Publish Domain so I listened to a free audiobook. Clive Catterall is a great narrator, his voice is very relaxing and flows well throughout all three stories in this collection. I enjoyed all three stories, I’m especially loved The Light Princess and The Golden Key is totally worth checking out if you want a light-hearted and humorous group of fantasy fairy tales and as I said it’s free because it’s in the public domain, so go check it out everyone.


One thought on “Tuesday Quick Takes #2

  1. Frixion pens are awesome! I use them for my video/blog planning. They “erase” so well. My favourite pen though is my Coleto Hi-Tec-C. Ah! It writes like a dream. They release cute pens and refills in Japan every season… a stationery addicts dream!

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