Real Neat, I was nominated for the Real Neat blog Award!

I was nominated by Drunken Anime Blog & Laura (ローラ)~! tumblr_inline_mueo3ttAo81qdlkyg


• Display the award logo
• Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
• Answer the questions of the one who nominated you OK
• Nominate 5-10 bloggers.
• Ask them 7 questions.

 “As usual we are super informal here, answer any of the above you would like or make up your own questions! It’s fun!” -Drunken Anime Blog

I’ve selected a few of the questions that Drunken answered since he didn’t ask any questions, and decided to answer all of Laura‘s questions.

Chizurue’s questions

7. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? (Time to promote some great blogs, people!)

I share a list of posts that I like down below. If I like something on wordpress it’s because I really did enjoy it and would certainly promote it to people that read my writing as well. As far as youtube videos I enjoy, it’s much the same thing. I feature a playlist of videos that I enjoy called “Great Videos from Other youtubers.”

Speaking of youtube, I plan to make more art videos as soon as I can, but at the moment I don’t have a way to get decent footage of my sketchbooks. I could record some of my digital work though, and possibly stream again if you’d like to attend my streams or see me draw digitally let me know in the comments.

Fanart I drew for Inktober 2017 of Long from the game Bloody Roar 2.

For now I’ll stick with posting scans and photos from my sketchbook on twitter.

Shadowcat’s questions

2. What did you do to change the world, no matter how small?

Volunteering at my local St. Vincent De Paul food pantry.

4. What is your favorite Gif?

Favorite? Singular? I can’t only pick one, so here are a few of my favs. that always make me smile/ laugh out loud.

Sunny & Taeyeon during a radio show.


If anyone knows what this is from please tell me!





8. What is your favorite scent? Lavender

11. Why is your favorite comfort food your comfort food?
Recently it’s been cauliflower “rice”, especially with some cheese. I’m really glad I tried out cauliflower because I feel like I have more energy when I limit the amount of carbs and sugar I eat. I’m not fully in the paleo diet, but it seems that a lot of my favorite meals fit into that plan. Also, since  it’s currently lent the extra boost of energy I get from veggies like cauliflower really lasts during times of fasting.

Matt’s Questions:

3. What franchise – be it game, comic, animation etc – do you think should have ended already, and which would you give another run in its place?

I have several answers for this question, in fact this one question could become a series of blog posts. But for the sake of brevity I’ll choose two of the franchises that I can summarize my thoughts on quickly. Though, I may still write full blog posts explaining my reasons in the future.

Final Fantasy XII Ultima Artwork

With the way that the Final Fantasy video games have been going, I’m of the opinion that after Final Final XII, the games in the main series should have become their own franchise. The recent games take a big departure from the fantasy aspects that the original Squaressoft games showcased. Though I do have admit that I haven’t played the newest FF games after XII, it just seems that since Final Fantasy XIII the series took on more of a science fiction setting. I’m not against Square Enix exploring Sci-fi themes but when the Fantasy aspects are almost non-existent I do think that the decision to continue calling them “Final Fantasy” is purely based on marketing  these new games to fans of what Final Fantasy used to be. Of, course there is much more to it than what I’ve expressed so far, but know that I’m not bashing any of newer games. These are just some thoughts I had when watching the trailer of Final Fantasy XV and the characters are pushing a black convertible down a modern looking highway. I was half expecting the license-plate on the car to be; “chocobo.”

Now, for a series that I think deserves another run; I’ve chosen Trinity Blood! I really want this franchise; which is based on Sunao Yoshida’s light novels , to continue as a manga series or to get another anime adaptation that gives more of a conclusion to the story than what we were already given.


Unfortunately due to venous thrombosis  Sunao Yoshida passed away in 2004. It’s clear that he was passionate about his writing, and apparently took a lot of notes about how Trinity Blood might end but was never able to finish writing the story’s conclusion. Many fans have speculated that Yoshida would have wanted the story to receive a proper ending, but we can’t know for sure if he’d be comfortable with someone else finishing his drafts for publication.

In the end I am still quite happy with the anime and especially the manga adaptations Trinity Blood has received and they are a treasured part of my collection, but I do wish that there were a full conclusion.

Laura (ローラ) Mangahoarder’s Questions:

1. What was the first manga you read?

The first volume of Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. It was a library book that my older sister rented, I was probably way too little to be reading it. Let’s just say some of the humor went way over my head, but I didn’t care, the main thing I liked about it was the art style.
2. What was the last manga you read?

The last manga I read in English is .hack//XXXX, Volume 1 (.hack//XXXX #1)  by Megane Kikuya, Hiroshi Matsuyama, Ryan Peterson (Translator)

The last manga I read in Japanese is Bloody Roar: the Fang (Volume 1) by Tomoo Maruyama I’m still reading this volume and learning so many new and interesting kanji and grammar from it! I should share some of my notes that I take while reading manga in Japanese in a future blog post.

th_84909_tU54lsMore on these titles next #MangaMonday~! ^_~

3. Do you finish a volume of manga in 1 sitting, or will you take a break in the middle?

It really depends on how much the manga draws me in, but lately I have been taking a break at around the mid-point of a manga (normal at the end of a chapter) to compose my thoughts on the story so far in my journal. I find it interesting to see if my feelings about the story change as it unfolds. For example, if I look back at my notes and realize that the story was boring me but then I suddenly started enjoying the second half it helps me pin-point what I thought the strengths and weaknesses of the manga were.
4. Do you have a specific place that you like to read?

I enjoy reading in my backyard or at the park when the weather is nice, but otherwise that I mainly read at the desk my husband and I built.

5. Have you ever started a new hobby because of your interest in anime/manga?

I think cosplay would definitely count for this question. I’ve cosplayed quite a bit but still have so many characters that I want to do. I have a cosplay tumblr, but it’s been a while since I’ve updated it. The last character I cosplayed was Mihoshi Kuramitsu from Tenchi Muyo at Colossalcon 2017.
6. Recommend a non-manga comic book or graphic novel.


Elfquest! In fact you can read the entire series that was published before 2014, for free on the official website, although this American comic has been published several times throughout the years, even in manga sized volumes. Wendy and Richard Pini have stated that manga style artwork influenced them to traditional ink their comic. All of the pages are in black and while, and inked with quill pens, using similar illustration techniques as manga-ka use.
179107267. What is your favourite novel?

This sort of a difficult question for me, I can’t even choose what my all time favorite manga is! XD So I’lll go with a slightly recent favorite I’d recommend to anyone. Innocence by Dean Knootz. I listened to the audiobook and found it extremely compelling and different than any novel I’ve ever read. McCloud Andrews does a great job bringing Dean Knootz’s writing to life.

My 7 Questions:

  1. What is the weirdest book you’ve ever read?

  2. If you could change the ending of any story (book, game, etc.), how and way would you change it?

  3. Do you prefer tea or coffee?

  4. What manga title(s) would you bring over into the western market?

  5. What is that popular book, game, anime, movie etc. that everyone else seems to enjoy but you don’t?

  6. Who is your favorite character from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon?

  7. Do you have any interesting or funny convention related stories, please share. If you’ve never been to an anime etc. convention tell us a weird/funny/scary geeky (book,game etc.) related story that you experienced.

Nominees / People I tag:th_img_529575_3033445_35


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    1. I’ve been meaning to re-read Elfquest for a while now too. It’s really awesome that Richard and Wendy Pini have made almost all of the comic available for free on their website. I hope I can meet them someday and get something signed.

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