Ramblings about my 3(4?) Favorite Male Anime Characters #BishonenTag


I was tagged on twitter by @Mangahoarder, to choose my three favorite male anime characters.

It was surprisingly easy to decide at first, after all I already had several Shesshomaru and Trigun images in my wallpaper folder, and I knew immediately he would be in the top three.


Last year my husband I decided to embark on a quest to watch all of the Inuyasha anime, including final act. My husband has been a fan of Inuyasha since it debuted on Adult Swim, going so far as to describe himself as a R.I.F; a “Rabid Inuyasha Fan”, on the classic Adult Swim message boards. So, needless to say he had already seen all of the seasons of the original anime series and the first few of final act. I had watched the show off and on when it first aired on Adult Swim, and I enjoyed the first few episodes but never got as into it as other anime series. Long story short, we completed our quest to watch all the Inuyasha things in 2017, even all of the movies, and I found myself really fascinated by the main character’s half brother; Shesshomaru. I won’t go into spoiler territory but I’m pretty sure I won’t surprise anyone that’s seen Inuyasha when I say; Shesshomaru is one of the most bad-ass characters in any anime, ever! I really want to buy those new Inuyasha omnibuses, because I’ve never read the manga and it seems the most space and cost effective way to own the complete manga series in English. Although, I haven’t read all of Rumiko Takahashi’s works, and I really enjoy Ranma 1/2 since it was my first manga, I’m betting that I’ll come away with the opinion that Inuyasha is Takahashi’s best series to date.


Looking at my answers to this tag, perhaps I’ve got a thing for male characters with long hair because I also had a massive crush on Android 17 from Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. As I’ve gotten older I don’t hide that he was one of my first “anime crushes”, in fact I even cosplay a female version of him. But, I can definitely see that there are a lot of things about Android 17 that are too juvenile and bratty for me to put him in my top three favorite male anime characters.

Side note; you might be wondering who my first childhood”anime crush” was and it’s an odd one. It was Ryoga Hibiki from Ranma 1/2! I don’t understand why now but I do still think he’s a funny character, though with how direction-ally challenged he is and how bad I am with maps when I’m driving to a new location… Well, it would just be a hilarious mess.

So, sorry, #17 but I like guys with more heart. Anyway, that’s how I explain why I would literally get butterflies when I watched Yu Yu Hakusho on Toonami and Adult Swim and Kurama was on screen. XD I was a weird kid… Good thing I’m not weird anymore, right?


Much like Shesshomaru, Kurama has an elegance to him but also a supreme confidence in himself that I really like. Whereas, Android 17 is very impulsive, both Shesshomaru and Kurama stay cool, calm and collected as they strategise in battle. Though, unlike Shesshomaru and #17, Kurama is not afraid to show his sensitive side, which I also really like, his personality is like a prince from a fairytale and his backstory is really touching. I haven’t completed watching Yu Yu Hakusho, but I plan to as soon as I can because the I’ve heard there may be a new anime in the works? I definitively want to add the manga to my collection too!


I guess I sort of cheated with my third answer to this tag because I simply can’t choose between Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Although, I have the manga in my collection, I haven’t read it yet and I plan to rectify that sometime this year for sure. I absolutely love the Trigun anime, it’s certainly in my top 15 favorite anime list, and I never got tired of rewatching it whenever Adult Swim would rebroadcast it. I love the depth that all of the characters have and especially love the dynamic between Vash and Wolfwood. They’re the perfect duo in my opinion and are also one of the best examples of true male friendships in media that I have ever seen.

So, readers who are your favorite male anime characters and why? And does anyone else remember these? Wow, looks like the website still exists too!

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.03.08 AM.png


3 thoughts on “Ramblings about my 3(4?) Favorite Male Anime Characters #BishonenTag

  1. I think I also watched Inuyasha first on adult swim! Not 100% sure. I then continued it online since I didn’t always catch the episodes. Sadly, I never finished it. I was 20 something episodes away and I just couldn’t continue. I just didn’t really care for it anymore.
    Trigun has been on my list for years! I really have to get on it.
    My favorite anime male characters are Gintoki, Tomoe, and Kurosaki ( Manga – Dengeki Daisy)

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