#Inktober & My Plans for The 24HR. Manga Readathon: Tezuka’s Birthday Edition #24HRTezuka

I don’t think I’ve made mention of participating in Inktober again this year yet on this blog, but I am a freelance illustrator and Graphic Designer and I enjoy art challenges. Here are two of my favorite pieces that I did for Inktober this year:



Inktober lasts until the end of October, so that’s primarily what I’ll be focusing on this month. I’m planning to make these designs into stickers and digitally color them with photoshop. I’m planning to participate in artist alley at some local cons soon, and I’m really looking forward to writing more about my artwork in the future. As always, feel free to request topics you’d like me to write about, and I’ll add it to my list.

November is going to be the month that I start working on making my Inktober and sketchbook zine, and I also want to get back into reading my manga collection. I find that the best way to kickstart my reading is to take part in a readathon, luckily there’s going to be an awesome Manga readathon this November!

The 24 Hour Tezuka Manga readathon starts on November 3rd, 2018 Start at 10:00AM MST!

So, this readathon starts at 12pm for me, and I’m hyped! The Manga Readathon Official Twitter Account is @mangareadathon, there are tons of fun manga readathons announced on this account, so if you’re a manga fan on twitter I recommend following them! #24HRTezuka is the hashtag that we’ll all be using to tweet about our progress during the readathon. I’ll be tweeting @Charmysketches and also I’ll try my hand at a little vlogging now that I have a new camera! Speaking of which, here’s my video about the titles I’ve chosen to read, I go into more detail and in general ramble a bit more than I normally do on this blog, lol.

Check out Laura’s announcment Video for more details about the readathon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN-Gr7puQVc&list=UUAY1gTTfWCZLWYVrirBq3Jw&index=5
Here’s Laura’s blog post about #24HRTezuka: https://mangahoarder.com/2018/10/12/24-hour-manga-readathon-tezukas-90th-birthday-edition-24hrtezuka/

Find out what time this Readaton starts for you with this nifty time zone converter: https://bit.ly/2N9A1D1

This Manga Readathon is hosted by:
*Manga Hoarder: https://bit.ly/2N3NRXq
Instagram: @mangahoarder
Twitter: @mangahoarder

*Shelf Space Fleeting: https://bit.ly/2LdgGAb
Instagram: @sassenachgaijin
Twitter: @sassenachgaijin

*Shae Geeks Out: https://bit.ly/2My1JOa
Instagram: @ShaeGeeksOut
Twitter: @ShaeGeeksOut

#24HRTezuka Reading Challenges

1. Astro Boy: Read a title that features robots, or machines
♡- Eden: It’s an Endless World | By Hiroki Endo (Vol.1)

32277I found out about this series from Splitscreenlife on youtube. After a glance at the synopsis, this manga series is post apocalyptic world in which many humans have cybernetically enhanced bodies, so it should work for this challenge. I’ve been holding off on reading this because I know that it’s incomplete in it’s English publication and my Japanese is not good enough yet to read the Japanese volumes. The volumes that were published in English by Darkhorse are extremely rare and usually highly priced. I was able to find this volume at a local used bookstore in really great condition.

2. Kimba the White Lion: Read a title that features animals, or nature
♡- ふわふわ♥シナモン Fluffy, Fluffy♥Cinnamoroll (Complete in collection Vols.1 – 5) | By Yumi Tsukirino

67395This is the only title I plan to be reading in Japanese for this readathon. This has had an official English release by Perfect Square. I’m looking forward to the cuteness and also practicing my reading comprehension of this manga for kids. (イージこどもの日本語ね。笑)

♡- I’ve also been meaning to read Mushishi since I’ve had the complete manga in English in my collection for some time. Perhaps I’ll read it this time…


3. Buddha: Read a title with religious or historical elements

♡- Edumanga: Saint Mother Teresa | Written By Masahide Kikai | Illustrated By Ren Kishida

A ton of characters from Tezuka’s Astroboy make an appearance in this education manga. It wasn’t drawn by Tezuka but the artwork looks great, and Mother Teresa is a Saint that I want to know more about. Out of all the titles on my TBR, I’m the most hyped to read this title during this readathon!

♡- Cross | By Sumiko Amakawa (Vol. 1 & 2)

If I decide to read another manga with religious themes I’ll read the first two volumes of Cross. The main character is a Catholic Priest that is also an exorcist. That’s all I know about this series, and as an American Catholic I always find it fascinating to read about how other cultures; specifically Japan, portray Christianity.

4. Princess Knight: Read a romance or adventure story
♡- From Far Away | By Kyoko Hikawa (vols. 1 – 4)

I picked up the first four volumes of this series from a local used bookstore after watching Laura’s mangatube channel, I’m really looking forward to reading this, but I know that as soon as I start I’m going to want to read the rest of it and this manga is also out of print (though luckily there’s an official digital release!)

5. Phoenix: Read a short story or story featuring reincarnation/past lives

♡- Kingyo Used Books | By Seimu Yoshizaki (vol. 3)

I’m going to finish up the last volume that I own in this series if I have time. I really enjoy the slice-of-life nature of this manga, it’s been a very relatable and relaxing reading from vol. 1 & 2.

♡- Wild Com. | By Yumi Tamura

According to the back of this manga published in English by Viz, this single volume contains three short stories. This is the most recent manga that I’ve purchased online from a used book seller for about $3. I love Yumi Tamura’s artwork and recently found her work by reading 『猫mix幻奇譚とらじ』in Japanese on it’s Shogakukan official website, I highly recommend checking out and supporting her work.

6. Black Jack: Read a suspense title or story with medical themes
♡- Vampire Knight | By Matsuri Hino (vols. 1 – 5)

I’m trying to determine if I want to keep reading this, and if so I want to decide if I want to collect this manga and/or finish reading this series via the library. I bought all five of these volumes new, a long time ago, and I enjoyed the suspenseful elements an the beginning but as the series went on I grew to dislike it more and more with every volume so I stopped buying it. I want to see if my thoughts on it have changed. Matsuri Hino’s art is very pretty, and I’d like to check out some of her other series.

Follow me on twitter during the readathon, expect a readathon wrap-up blog and if I decide to vlog I’ll share them here too. Are you taking part in #24HrTezuka? If so, feel free to link me to your TBR down in the comments, as well as your twitter so I can follow you.


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