25 Otaku Facts About Me

I really enjoyed reading Laura’s post and since she tagged anyone that wanted to do this, I thought I should give it a shot too. I also enjoyed reading Mangamaven's otaku facts. I love following other otaku bloggers, so I encourage any of you to do this fun tag. 1. My husband and I met … Continue reading 25 Otaku Facts About Me


Tuesday Quick Takes #1

Welcome to my first “Quick Takes” post, so what is this new post category about? Well, every other Tuesday I’ll be writing about the books, games animation, podcasts, music and more that I’ve been into lately along with quick reflections. Basically, this is a way for me to write/cover my current thoughts about more topics … Continue reading Tuesday Quick Takes #1

How I got into Japanese TV Dramas

One spring day, after I returned home from Elementary School my Grandmother dropped off a stack of VHS tapes. She informed me that she had stopped at a garage sale and bought these from a Japanese family. She knew that I was interested in Japan and purchased these tapes for a really good deal. As … Continue reading How I got into Japanese TV Dramas