My Initial Thoughts on the 1st Episode of “SNSD: Girls Go to School”

First, a few Quick F.Y.I’s: 1. I became a fan of SNSD about 7 1/2 years ago through their Japanese songs since I have been self studying the language for a good amount of time. I do not speak Korean, but I am interested in learning it once I feel more confident in my Japanese … Continue reading My Initial Thoughts on the 1st Episode of “SNSD: Girls Go to School”


Tuesday Quick Takes #3

So super, super quick T.Q.T this time around because life has become a bit hectic lately. Luckily, not hectic enough that my husband and I couldn't go out for a movie date! Fathom Events has been doing an amazing job of bringing classic and niche movies to theaters all of the U.S.A, and I think … Continue reading Tuesday Quick Takes #3

Tuesday Quick Takes #2

《1》The first week of Lent has been going quite well, there is so much to contemplate yet so often it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of what truly matters. This cold weather is like a reminder to me of how much I've changed. I used to long for my heart to be hardened … Continue reading Tuesday Quick Takes #2

Tuesday Quick Takes #1

Welcome to my first “Quick Takes” post, so what is this new post category about? Well, every other Tuesday I’ll be writing about the books, games animation, podcasts, music and more that I’ve been into lately along with quick reflections. Basically, this is a way for me to write/cover my current thoughts about more topics … Continue reading Tuesday Quick Takes #1