First Manga Haul of 2018

After a girl’s night out with some of my close friends, I couldn’t help but pop into a nearby used book store before heading home. And, by “pop into” I mean quickly scourer the clearance and manga section twenty-five minutes before the store closed. I’m glad I did because wow, this shop had a bunch … Continue reading First Manga Haul of 2018


Resources & Recommendations for fellow Japanese Language Learners《Part 1》

Firstly, I’d like to encourage all of you and let you know that practice really does make close to perfect, and that especially true when learning a new language. You will make mistakes (I definitely still do and I’ve been studying for more than five years) and that’s partially because you’re human and partially because … Continue reading Resources & Recommendations for fellow Japanese Language Learners《Part 1》

#MangaMonday Recommendations: Short Shonen Series

“Typically Shōnen manga are thought of as being super long battle series with 20+ volumes, but there’s a lot more to shōnen manga than this. Recommend some shōnen titles that don’t take a lot of time and financial commitment to read!" --Mangahoarder Although I haven’t read much Shonen manga recently, it would be an understatement to … Continue reading #MangaMonday Recommendations: Short Shonen Series

How I got into Japanese TV Dramas

One spring day, after I returned home from Elementary School my Grandmother dropped off a stack of VHS tapes. She informed me that she had stopped at a garage sale and bought these from a Japanese family. She knew that I was interested in Japan and purchased these tapes for a really good deal. As … Continue reading How I got into Japanese TV Dramas