First Manga Haul of 2018

After a girl’s night out with some of my close friends, I couldn’t help but pop into a nearby used book store before heading home. And, by “pop into” I mean quickly scourer the clearance and manga section twenty-five minutes before the store closed. I’m glad I did because wow, this shop had a bunch … Continue reading First Manga Haul of 2018


#MangaMonday Recommendations: Short Shonen Series

“Typically Shōnen manga are thought of as being super long battle series with 20+ volumes, but there’s a lot more to shōnen manga than this. Recommend some shōnen titles that don’t take a lot of time and financial commitment to read!" --Mangahoarder Although I haven’t read much Shonen manga recently, it would be an understatement to … Continue reading #MangaMonday Recommendations: Short Shonen Series