25 Otaku Facts About Me

I really enjoyed reading Laura’s post and since shetumblr_inline_mss2oe73GJ1qz4rgp tagged anyone that wanted to do this, I thought I should give it a shot too. I also enjoyed reading Mangamaven‘s otaku facts. I love following other otaku bloggers, so I encourage any of you to do this fun tag.

1. My husband and I met at an anime convention that no longer exists; Sugoicon.

2. I have met and gotten signatures from two Japanese musicians: Sizu Miyano & the two brothers of  Zetki.Check out these awesome PVs from their official youtube channels:

Thanks Sugoicon.

3. I am a cosplayer, and though I’ve considered posting some of my cosplay content on this blog I’m still on the fence about it.

4. My favorite Japanese rock band is Dir en Grey. The first time I saw them live was at the House of Blues in Chicago. I wrote letters to all five of the members thanking them for their music, I held the letters up during the concert and at the end Die returned to the stage and grabbed them from me. I thanked him and began crying out of shock that he took the time to come back and accept my letters to the band. I really want to see Dir en Grey in concert again. The only Anime related thing I know about Dir en Grey is that their song Child Prey was one of themes for an anime I’ve never seen called Baki the Grappler.

5. I’ve met and bought an original piece of artwork from Nao Yazawa, the manga artist ofPhoto0616 Wedding Peach. She writes about her experiences as a manga artists and sells her doujin work on her blog. She was at Colossalcon 2017 and was very sweet and humble. She’s a professor at a manga school right now and I would love to meet her again and be her student. I still want to read Wedding Peach, but haven’t found a reasonably priced way to buy it in Japanese or English yet. Although I’m still studying the Japanese language, I think I would prefer to read Wedding Peach in Japanese since it’s a shoujo manga and I should be able to read it/ use it for fun study material.

6. I’m into playing visual novels, and so far my favorite one is an Original English Language VN from Applecider Studios called Autumns Journey. I really want to do a full “Text Let’s play” type series of posts about this VN, because despite being a relatively short visual novel Autumns Journey did a great job of creating a entertaining fantasy world with characters that are unforgettable to me. Ilmari is my favorite.

Applecider’s Autumns Journey is free and I would recommend it to anyone that’s even slightly interested in seeing what visual novels as a medium have to offer.

pepper_ann_27. My favorite nostalgic American cartoon is Pepper Ann. There are a myriad of reasons for this show being one of the main cartoons that contributed to my weird sense of humor. I definitely want to write more about what make P.A. so awesome. If you’re a fellow Pepper Ann fan let me know. P.s. My favorite character is Milo Kamalani and I’ve cosplayed a female ver. of him. I was shocked someone recognized me at Colossalcon.

Sailor Jupiter8. Makoto Kino is my favorite Sailor Moon character and my most recent cosplay.

9. I really enjoy cooking Japanese food, and want to make some posts about making different Kyaraben.

10. I make workout playlists inspired by characters that I cosplay.

11. My first cat was named Sen, after the name the new name Chihiro is given in Spirited Away. My second cat’s name was Len, after the character from Shaman King.

12. My favorite J-pop singer is Riyu Kosaka. I first encountered her music through Dance Dance Revolution. My 2 favorite songs by Riyu Kosaka are Dober Man & Danzai no Hana.


13. My husband and I are both Sailor Moon fans and have gone to a slightly far away movie theater several times to see Fathom event’s anime movie screenings. We’ve seen Princess Mononoke 2 times in theaters, once English dubbed and once in Japanese with subtitles. Pom Poko, The Cat Returns, Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service in Japanese with subs. And more recently the Sailor Moon R, S, & Stars movies in Japanese with subtitles. We both really love that Fathom is bring such awesome anime movies to the big screen, even just for one day.

princess-mononoke-20th-anniversary-poster-efde5ca92e85f3650303162d21cc922414. Princess Mononoke is my absolute favorite Studio Ghibli Movie. Kiki’s Delivery Service is my second favorite, but I realize it’s mainly because of nostalgia, but with Princess Mononoke it’s much, much more than that. It’s hard to put into words how much this movie means to me. Every single time I’ve seen Princess Mononoke I can’t help but feel completely entranced by the story, music and animation. When my husband and I saw Princess Mononoke in the theaters for the 20th anniversary I couldn’t hold back my tears. I never thought that I would EVER get to see my this movie on the big screen, and everything about that movie is just so powerful and will always have a special place in my memories with my sisters and mom.

15. I own all of the volumes of Kodocha by Miho Obana, but no longer have volume one in my collection because I was too trusting and let people that weren’t really my friends borrow from my collection. Needless to say, that was one of the biggest otaku related mistake I’ve ever made and I still want to add volume one back to my collection. I haven’t finished reading Kodocha since all of that happened, I’m not sure why but I keep telling myself I should finish reading the series since it’s part of my collection. I remember Kodocha being the perfect mixture of hilarious comedy and heart wrenching drama.

16. I enjoy making AMVs from time to time, and keep an inspiration playlist.

Animage (07/1992) – illustration by Shōhei Oka (http://animarchive.tumblr.com)

17. When I was a kid I would wake up at 4 AM to watch and record the DiC dub of Sailor Moon before school.

18. I still have a ton of my old anime VHS tapes, official releases and television recordings. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

19. When I was kid my older sister and I would use a tape deck with a microphone held up the TV speaker to record anime music (OPs/EDs) from our VHS tapes onto Cassette tapes so that we could listen to them on the school bus with our Walkmans.

20. Minami Kotori is my favorite Love Live! character, and Mari Ohara is my second best girl from Sunshine.

21. Some of my favorite anime openings and endings are:
 Through the Night – Masahiko Arimatsu from Outlaw Star

This song really encapsulated the character of Gene Starwind, and that in addition to the animation gets me hyped to watch Outlaw Star every time I see it. I think I’ve seen the show about 4 times now, I’m so glad I own it on DVD but I want to buy the BR soon.

約束は要らない (Yakusoku wa Iranai) “No Need to Promise” – Maaya Sakamoto from Escaflowne

I love the light and airy vocals of Maaya Sakamoto here. Although Hitomi isn’t my favorite character in the Escaflowne series, the lyrics are tranquil yet upbeat and romantic. The melody and animation of this opening captures the whimsical fantasy world of Gaia.

My Will – dream from Inuyasha

The first Inuyasha ending that comes to my mind when I think of the character of Kikyo, especially after I finished the anime (final act included) the lyrics here are really bittersweet.

Duvet – Bôa

Lain is just, so amazing. I know that I want to write more about this show, since it’s probably the anime that I’ve seen the most times. I think it’s been at least 6 times over the years, and wow. Every time I see this opening I remember what I love about Lain. It’s just so different than any other anime I’ve ever experienced. I really want to re-watch the series again, and do a series of in-depth posts.


It was really difficult to nail this down because there are so many amazing OPs and EDs that I would love to write more about. Perhaps, I’ll make it another one of my blog series?

22. I’m planning to write a series of posts about anime from my childhood that at the time I didn’t know were anime.

Satoshi Kon, Kon’s Work 1982-2010


23. I have dabbled in writing fanfiction for some of the anime and video games that I enjoy. I stay within the realm of canon when I write fanfic and find them to be a fun writing exercise.

24. Some of my favorite cosplayers are Malindachan, Dejavudea, Glay, TechnoRanma, Momo Kurumi.  I look up to so many cosplayers, if you’re a cosplayer on the net please let me know in the comments.

25. When I read a novel, more often than not when I’m imagining the scenes in my mind, the characters look something like the style in Satoshi Kon’s work.

Thanks for reading these 25 pieces of randomness about me, feel free to do this tag if you’d like, I’d love to hear your answers. Let me know if you decide to post your own 25 Otaku Facts so that I can check our your blog too~!
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